Monday, May 3, 2010

Bonfire!.....part 1

Here is a devastatingly bad record by a Mr. Ronny Kay on Band Box records out of Denver, Colorado. Number 289. This Band Box discography
puts it in the early sixties, also shows some other 45s by him. This is basically all the info I was able to uncover on Ronny Kay and this 45. It is so bad, that it is so good. I just get this picture/story in my head every time I listen to this 45. I just picture Mr. Ronny Kay, probably a very odd-lookin' fellow, walk into a studio with a shitty drum set. He is goin' on about a new song called "Bonfire" where he just yells "bonfire!" and beats up the drums. I imagine men in suits going, "why, this guy is crazy, I can't believe we agreed to do this!" It probably did not go like that, but I am for sure there is probably a really great story behind Ronny Kay and this 45. I would love to hear it! Sandy Nelson step aside!!!