Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stan Jr.

Nothing makes me happier than finding a picture sleeve (and the 45) from the 50's and/or 60's of an obscure country artist. It only helps that said artist has one of the coolest hairstyles ever! I recently found this picture sleeve in an abandoned warehouse, where an ex-record dealer keeps his left over records. By perhaps, divine intervention, it was nicely ensconced in the 25 cent box.
Not much is known about Stan Jr. Some record-collector pals of mine in a Facebook group placed the record in about December '66. I also found out that someone named Curley Smith also recorded on the Bolt label. According to the short bio on the back of the picture sleeve Stan (Anderson) jr. started out in Rock n Roll bands at the age of sixteen, and upon a friends advice switched to Country & Western. I would say, with "Whoops," he kind of mixed both worlds. Nowadays, Stan jr. does some kind of traveling tribute/memories/oldies type of show. Perhaps he squeezes this song in! As it is a pretty decent song. The B side is a ballad that hasn't quite hit me yet, so I did not bother posting it. Stan Jr. can be found on Facebook, he also has a website, For your enjoyment Stan jr. With "Whoops," plus a photo of his awesome hair!