Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black Coffee & Rock 'N' Roll & The Curse of Wine

Welcome to my blog, "Black Coffee & Rock 'N' Roll." I will be listing some great stuff! There really are no restrictions to what I will list, as far as the music goes. For my first post, I give you Cecil Bowman's "The Curse of Wine," on D records. Cecil Bowman was a Texas artist, who recorded for the legendary Starday label. D records was owned by Pappy Daily, who formerly part-owned Starday.
I picked this 45 off of ebay for a few bucks, well worth the price. In my opinion, it has all the qualities a "perfect" song should have. A minor key, dark lyrics about addiction, lost love, crime and the accompanied prison sentence. This tune is what I would (secretly) title "death country". But what is remarkable and rare is the song's lack of redemption. There's none of that cool and fantastical reckless abandonment.


  1. Welcome to the blogworld... looking forward to seeing what you dig up.

    Love Cecil Bowman, btw.

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  3. I'm happy that you've finally gotta music blog going . . . I know you've been wanting to make the time to do this for a long time now! I know I'll be reading it - there's no one's opinion that I, personally, trust more in regards to music!