Friday, February 19, 2010

Cliff Carlisle Hobo Blues

Been a few weeks since my last post, been ultra busy buying and selling records. Had to go to Indy for a week and a half for the company I work for, not too much fun. I did however manage to sniff out some vinyl! I am, sometimes, at ends with the company I work for so when deciding to go out for some beer and food, I saw it fit to trek in the snow and freezing cold. A mile away from my hotel, I stumbled upon a massive antique shop. I got lucky. There is a formula that I follow when record hunting in antique shops. I ask the clerk if they have any records, she sends me to the quasi-collector's booth. Which means over-priced LPs, and 30.00 dollar Bill Haley 45s. But behind the 30.00 dollar Bill Haley 45, there may be a "VG Danny Ross on Minor" for a buck. I came home with a handful of 45s, and a couple 78s. Charlie Brown on Spinner. I will have to post that one eventually, a nice little hick bopper. Pulled out some Buddy Knox, Gene Vincent, Lloyd Price on Specialty, a Crickets 45, an eccentric Paul Curry 45 (with Roy Buchannan on guitar), New Colony Six on Sentar, some spooky Doo-Wop, Jimmy McCracklin, Johnnie & Joe on Chess, Shadows of Knight, The Strangeloves, and possibly the most x-rated 45 I've ever heard.
But this Decca 78 by Cliff Carlisle stands out above the rest. I found it in a mostly Military booth. I believe it's from 1930. Although most disographies don't have this listed, under Decca releases at least. Two things that I love, that " White man's blues" sound (Jimmie Davis, has some great blues stuff also on Decca) and songs about hobos. This song has them both. I think brother Bill sings lead or back up on this, not for sure. Anyhow, great record by a great artist, enjoy!
I've gotten so much stuff here lately, including perhaps my new favorite bluegrass 45, and a "rare as hell" Doo-wop compilation LP. I have a feeling, I will shoot out a handful of posts within
the next week or so. So stay tuned.

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  1. Hello, love Cliff! This was recorded on September 1922, 1930, in Richmond, Indiana, at the Starr-Gennett Studio, for the Gennett/Champion labels. After Decca purchased Gennett and Champion, they reissued some of the old material, and this one came up on Decca during the 1934-1937 period. Thanks!