Friday, March 25, 2011

Hillbilly in a Garage

One sub-genre that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, is country garage. The possibility that said genre actually exists is probably very unlikely. This 45 could be considered country garage. Nice honky-tonk vocals and silly country-oriented lyrics; coupled with a more rock band sound, fuzz guitar included! I love the guitar work on this tune!
Not much is known about Bob Withers, definitely a 60's release. Much has been documented on the legendary Nashville-based Bullet label, aside from a couple other labels; Bullet is one of my favorites. I love most of the stuff released on the label and I love the design of the actually label on the record! They released some great early 50's hillbilly bop, as well as some killer R & B/blues.
The 45 was more than likely recorded after Jim Bulleit sold the label to Red Wortham. Instead of writing out the entire label's history I will give you the link to their homepage


  1. Withers did a mid-60's single on Nugget, "What The Heck Is Going On In Washington?" Not a hit, but definitely funky and politically conservative. The lip was "She's Chume Back," a mispronuncation of "Come," for reasons I never knew.
    A QUESTION: I see a Jimmy Ford record in your header!!! I have been looking for his "Be Mind (Forever)," the flip of "We Belong Together," also on Stylo. Do you have that, please???? Thank you in advance!

  2. No the one shown is the only one a got! Would also love to find a copy.

  3. country garage, very nice, any more like this one you can post?

  4. I love that song. Thanks for sharing.

    Cassy from Play Electric Guitar