Friday, August 10, 2018

There's more to Danville, IL than crime and Dick Van Dyke

There is more to Danville, IL than crime and Dick Van Dyke. There was some great and legendary (and rare!!!) music recorded there. But no one, besides record collectors and RnR fans, seems to know, or care, about Danville's RnR history. Especially its own citizens. The names Arlie Miller, Dean Carter and Jim Foley are huge names to RnR/Rockabilly collectors. Each one of them came from Danville. And it kills me that there isn't a "Dean Carter" street. But more on them later.     
     I'm going to publish a series of blog posts, each one featuring a different record from Danville, IL. I could do this with just about any town! But Danville is only one shitty nowhere town away from me. So I find a lot of music from Danville.
     Rockin' black gospel is a genre that I love and love collecting. Most of it is merely RnR.....that just happens to be about Jesus. Personally, I think the realm of art is the best place for religion. That is a different subject though. Anyone can enjoy this fine, energetic and soulful music; even heathens.

This Gospelaires record might be my favorite black gospel LP ever. The Gospelaires formed sometime around 1950. The band went through a number of line-up changes by the time "Come to Jesus" was recorded in 1970. Released on the small label "Jordan." Produced at Midnight Sound Studios by Arlyn Miller. It is a RITE pressing (manufactured in Cincinnati). This band/LP is not related to any other band called the Gospelaires. I'm not for sure the extent of their discography, this label probably only released Gospelaires records. I do know some 45s exist. Listen to a few songs at the links below. There's more to Danville, IL than crime and Dick Van Dyke!

 The Gospelaires - Oh Lord

The Gospelaires - Glory Hallelujah

That's All Rite Mama

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