Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here is Prison/Death Row(2nd post of the day!)

Prison, murder, Death Row, and infidelity; what great subjects for a song. The writer of this particular song is none other than Marty Robbins. I don't think Marty himself ever cut this song. The way in which Rex Douglas sings it, it doesn't seem like it would have fit in with what Marty Robbins was singing in the late 60's. There does exist a version by Rex Allen on the "Hacienda" label. Although Rex Douglas' version is much more raw and rockin', Rex Allen gives it a good go. I love the feral honky-tonk damnation of this song. Just wild! Great guitar work! I love how it just chugs along, never decreasing it's pace. I really couldn't find much information on the artist or the label. So I ain't got too much left to write. I hope you all enjoy this sleazy 45 about the things that make the world go 'round....

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  1. Johnny Cash had this song out too. Made the charts , I think.