Saturday, June 8, 2013

Little Lowell praises the Lord!

I came upon this very different and interesting LP at the local Goodwill. It is a 70's country gospel Rite Pressing. Little Lowell Mason, a.k.a "The Singing Midget" a.k.a "The world's smallest gospel singer, (and his group, The Masons) hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Lowell is 46 inches tall. I did not record the music for this post, just a photo of this amazing cover of this LP. From the crazy and weird world of record collecting. Also, enjoy this over-the-top comprehensive website profile on the man himself. The website profile features great pictures, a nice bio, and a "where is he now?" section with a link to his personal website. So don't let "The Little Man with the Big Voice" escape the confines of the sideshow that is the section of your brain that adores life's anomalies. And as an added bonus here is a very cool website/blog by the great Deke Dickerson.
Deke's Link

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