Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rock N Roll & Children

I took a few weeks off from most everything in order to have a child. My second son, Silas Wray Russell
was born on Friday, March 12th at 3:49 pm. Yes, he was named after Link Wray, in part. His mother's middle name
is Rae, so its kind of half and half. I can't think of a better middle name! So in tribute to my second son (and probably last) I give you Link Wray's "TV Baby." "TV Baby" is one of his earlier, more Hillbilly tracks. Great stuff!

1 comment:

  1. Nice to hear a track of Link's that has vocals - I haven't heard too many, not that I'm complaining, he usually just let's his guitar speak for him. Nothing wrong with that.

    Your son, Silas Wray, is awesome. I wouldn't count out more children quite yet. You're still young. A break might be called for though, considering you've got two under the age of two at the moment!